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We are an online and physical Bet Midrash dedicated to studying, teaching, and publishing Torah as a lens through which we view and interact with God's world. 

We teach thousands of Sepharadi and Ashkenazi students in over 20 countries, through live and recorded classes.


We host Dayanim, Rabbis, and leading experts from around the world to teach us Miqra, Halakha, Talmud, Science, Philosophy, and History.

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"To limit the Sepharadi tradition to those of Sepharadi ancestry is like limiting Shakespeare to Englishmen." - Zvi Zohar


The Geonim, Ḥakhme Sepharad, and all those who have since maintained this derekh have a unique approach and methodology to the study of Miqra, Halakha, Talmud, Maḥshaba, Science, and History.

We have taken advantage of modern technology in order to bring this approach and methodology to both Ashkenazi and Sepharadi Jews who wish to study it, wherever they may be in the world. 

Users can watch our classes live or as recordings, on a Netflix-style platform with video/audio options and sourcesheets - anytime, anywhere.

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Rosh Bet Midrash

Senior Rabbi Joseph Dweck


Rabbi Joseph Dweck is the Senior Rabbi of the S&P Sephardi Community of the UK - the country's oldest Jewish community. He studied in Jerusalem at Yeshiva Hazon Ovadia under the tutelage of former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Hakham Ovadia Yosef.

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Rabbi Ratzon Arusi
Dayan Ofer Livnat

Dayan Daniel Kada

Senior Rabbi Elie Abadie

Rabbi Hayyim Angel

Rabbi Hanan Benayahu

Rabbi Yitzhak Berdugo

Rabbi Dr Harvey Belovski

Rabbi Hezi Cohen

Rabbi Abe H Faur

Rabbi Yonatan Halevy

Rabbi Dr Alan Kimche

Rabbi Dr Samuel Lebens

Rabbi Yamin Levy

Rabbi Joshua Maroof

Rabbi Shalom Morris

Rabbi Amrom Nemeth

Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum

Rabbi Yohai Makbili

Rabbi Shmuli Phillips

Rabbi Chaim Rapoport

Rabbi Dr Eddie Reichman

Rabbi Daniel Roselaar

Rabbi Daniel Rowe
Rabbi Yitzchak Sheilat

Rabbi Harold Sutton

Rabbi Isaac Tawil

Rabbi Yozef Zarnighian

Rabbi Eliyahu Zini

Rabbi Aharon Qafih

Rabbanit Devorah Halevy

Professor Tzvi Langermann

Professor Zvi Zohar

JJ Kimche

Makena Mezistrano

Eli Shaubi


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