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Welcome to The Ḥabura

Learn Torah anytime, anywhere.


Students around the world.


Hours of Torah studied each month.


Membership options.



- To Know God.


Online Learning

Study Torah via video, audio or podcast at your convenience. We have a Public curriculum and a Members-Only curriculum for you to choose from.


In-Person Learning

With members across the globe in the UK, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Israel and more - submit your interest in joining an in-person learning programme near you.


Books and Journals

We publish books and essays on all aspects of Torah written by Jewish scholars of the past, present, and future.


Receive a free book every year.


Exclusive access to weekly Members classes on video or podcast.


Write for our books and journals.


Connect with students and teachers from 20+ countries.

About us.

We are an online and physical Bet Midrash dedicated to studying, teaching, and publishing Torah as a lens through which we view and interact with God's world. This approach is rooted in the Geonic-Sepharadi tradition.

We teach thousands of students in over 20 countries, through live and recorded classes.


We host Dayanim, Rabbis, and leading experts from around the world to teach us Miqra, Halakha, Talmud, Science, Philosophy, and History.

Our Rosh Bet Midrash is Senior Rabbi Joseph Dweck, the Senior Rabbi of the S&P Sephardi Community of the UK.

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